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Buyers Q&A
Q. Can you show me other companies listings too?
A. Yes! We can show you not only our listings but all homes listed by all Real Estate companies (i.e. Coldwell Banker, ERA, RE/MAX, Century 21, Windermere, Prudential) that match YOUR home criteria.

Q. Can you help me with For Sale By Owners?
A. Yes! Many homes For Sale By Owner do work with Real Estate agents. If you happen to run across any that interest you please let us know and we will contact the seller on your behalf, research the properties history, county records and taxes. We will then schedule a private showing of the property and negotiate the best offer.

Q. Why should I get approved first? I know I have good credit.

A. Put yourself in the shoes of the seller. Do they personally know you? Do they know you have great credit? Some sellers will not even allow showings unless the prospective buyer has an approval letter in their hand. How about when you make an offer? Unless you plan on paying all cash upfront you have absolutely no bargaining chip to negotiate unless you are pre-approved. The only way you can prove your credit worthiness today is with a loan approval letter.

Q. Why do I need a Real Estate Agent? I can buy a home on my own.
A. Yes, you can buy a home on your own. But why would you? Especially when we will do all the work for you for FREE. Yes, FREE!

It would be like going to court to defend yourself without an attorney!

Did you know that when you drive through neighborhoods calling on houses for sale the listing agent with their name on the "For Sale Sign" has a legal obligation to the seller...not you? They are bound by law as the sellers agent, to act in the "sellers" best interest. Is that who you want to work with? Don't you want an agent who looks after YOUR best interest, someone who isn't trying to "reel you in" and "sell" you something you really don't want?

We can help you as a "Buyers Agent." At no Cost, fee or commission!

In addition appox. 99% of all homes for sale are exclusively listed by real estate agents, meaning the home sellers don't work with the general public without being represented by a licensed real estate agent.

Q. Can you sell NEW homes?

A. Yes! Any new home by any builder. Just call us and we'll meet you at any new site development. Avoid talking with the "site agent" as they may actually work for the builder, not you. We'll make sure you have all the facts upfront.

Q. How do you get paid?
A. The seller has already agreed to pay a real estate fee to both the sellers' agent to advertise the home and to the buyers' agent who does all of the leg work of selling the home.

Q. What if I'm not ready to buy yet?
A. Many people we meet with are just collecting information to get prepared financially in advance. That is the smart thing to do. We suggest investing a few minutes of your time by talking with us so you can get all the facts and we can learn your housing needs. Only then can we offer you the best advise to get you on the right path to owning your own home.

Q. I can't afford to buy right now.
A. First determine if it is real or imagined. Is there a real financial issue or are there just butterflies in your stomach? Because prices are going up not down, ask yourself 'can I afford to wait?' Give us a call. If it's a real financial issue there may be alternative financial solutions so you can own now and still feel comfortable.

Q. Can I use my lender?
A. Yes. You can use any lender you choose. Just remember that there is a high percentage that you will never do business with this lender again. Do you know them well enough that when you get to the closing table there will be no surprise fees? The lenders we work with know if they don't give you the best service they could lose, not one loan, but literally "hundreds" of future loans from our team. Whom do you suppose will give you the best treatment and service?

Q. My agent friend is giving me advice.
A. Let's keep it simple. Have a full-time professional Real Estate Agent give you the help you need. Keep business-business and personal-personal.

Q. Can I buy with no money down?
A. Probably. Speak with our preferred lender. There are 100's of loan programs and down payment assistance programs we use that allow most buyers to buy a home with no money down. It has never been so easy to buy a home.

Q. How do I use my V.A. eligibility certificate?
A. Easy! Call our lender and inform them you have V.A. entitlement, or think you should have, and they can help you use your government benefits. Together we will walk you through the process step by step and at your pace.

Q. Can I buy with no/bad credit?
A. Most likely, Yes! There are loan programs that allow people to buy based upon their current financial ability, not just based on past credit ratings. FHA is a good example of a first time/second time buyers program with minimum credit established even using your rental history and utility bills as your credit to own a home.