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The American Classic Homes Team has developed a marketing plan of action that is second to none.  This is the true reason why our team sells hundreds of homes per year.  We use only the finest in color print and online media.  In fact, our budget is more than most agents make in a year.  Our first rule of thumb NO BLACK AND WHITE FLYERS!  Too often do I see other companies using black and white flyers on beautiful homes.  It's not just a perk, it's our company policy.  Just call one of our experienced team members for more information on this and the other ways we can make your home stand out.

From Brochures to Print Advertising to our Internet Presence, you will see a difference in the quality advertising we use to promote your biggest investment.

Beginning October 2010, we are the first Real Estate company in the Northwest to use QR Codes in all of our marketing.


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