Lisa Kincaid

Broker & Team Coordinator

lisa kincaid real estate agent

Real Estate Agent

American Classic Homes Real Estate


(425) 277-1500

About Lisa:

Lisa believes that real estate is all about connection: your connection to the home and your connection to each other. Home buying and selling is one of the most important personal and emotional decisions a person will make. She wants to help you navigate the ins and outs of the entire home buying and selling process, making your purchase and sale as smooth as possible.

After many years in the hospitality industry, Lisa joined the American Classic Homes headquarters in 2013, and as office administrator, was key in the development of the company during one of our market's biggest upswings. In 2015, Lisa got licensed and is now a practicing broker & administrator for American Classic Homes Real Estate. She brings her vast knowledge of the industry, over the top customer service and keen ability to read between the lines on a client's wants and needs to the table and works alongside some of the area's top producers.