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Maintenance Solutions: Tips and Tricks

Keeping your property well maintained reduces tenancy turnover and exorbitant repair costs. At American Commercial Real Estate, we use our expertise to manage your maintenance costs and keep your business working at the highest level of proficiency and professionalism. No matter where you are, our professional support will be close by.

Smoke Detector

After you test your batteries, test with approved smoke detector spray.

Replace Battery, check for proper wire termination connection

Garbage disposal is not working.

If you do Not hear a buzz, hit the reset button on the bottom of the disposal and test.

No Power?

Check and reset your breaker panel and replace blown fuses

Check and Rest the GFI button on your outlets (located on outlets near water). Check to see if the plug works off a wall switch.

No Hot Water?

Check the thermostat on the hot water tank for proper temperature setting.  (make sure your not on vacation mode)

Check and rest the breaker in power panel.  Check and rest button next to thermostat

Turn down the thermostat on your hot water tank, turn down if necessary.

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