Our Real Estate Story

The Future of An American Classic. A real estate story. You may not know much about our name, but we have been working behind the scenes helping build the Renton community and businesses for the past 15 years.


American Classic Homes Real Estate was established in 2004 and has been committed to serving the Renton community ever since. Our unique connection to the community around us helps us drive our commitment to guiding clients to a knowledgeable decision, pertaining to their goals in real estate. This commitment has been and will always be our first priority.


We are a full-service real estate brokerage offering expert agents and support to clients around King County. From step one of their process, until they are completely satisfied and referring our name to your family and friends, we will be there. Through consultations, education, and experience, we make sure we understand our clients and they understand our services. We know technology has its place in real estate, but we promise to never replace our customer service or business relationships with digital tools only.


We understand the individualism in each real estate transaction and we make sure our agents do too. By using American Classic Homes Real Estate, you are connecting yourself to a strong core of confident, knowledgeable real estate agents and a long list of qualified professionals to support you outside of your transaction. Staying connected to our community and developing our business relationships in Washington State helps our clients connect to local and national resources that help American Classic Homes Real Estate Agents find the best results, fast.


As a smaller real estate company, we have the ability to make fast decisions that benefit our agents during the course of their careers and for their clients during the course of a transaction. Our Managing Broker, Ryan Runge, has been working in Renton as a real estate agent for over 14 years and knows what it takes to work with others in the industry and in the community to get deals that benefit both parties. Short term transactions with long term relations, for the past decade this has been our goal during every transaction.

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